Monday, January 12, 2015

Let’s talk about...Arginine

Arginine is an amino acid, or building block of protein, that is both produced by the body and ingested through food and supplements.

In 1998, Dr. Louis Ignarro received the Nobel* in Medicine for his research discoveries revealing the cardiovascular benefits of nitric oxide (NO), a gas made by the cells lining the tiniest blood vessels in the body.

The amino acid Arginine, which is consumed as part of a typical diet, fuels the production of Nitric Oxide in the walls of tiny blood vessels, for vascular and circulatory health support.

Arginine may also help enhance blood flow to the heart. It helps maintain healthy blood vessel tone for improved circulation.

This important amino acid is found in a wide variety of foods, including animal sources, such as dairy products, beef, poultry and seafood; as well as plant sources, like nuts, seeds (pumpkin, sesame and sunflower), chick peas and cooked soybeans.

The minimal amount of supplemental Arginine used to support cardiovascular health is 5g per day.

Key Facts
• Is needed to produce Nitric Oxide (NO), a naturally-occurring compound important in many physiological and cellular processes
• Supports heart, vascular and circulatory health

Key Benefits
• Supports NO production for vascular and circulatory health
• May help enhance blood flow to the heart

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